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Best Cycling Sandals for Bike Touring

As the weather heats up, many cyclists are looking to shed some layers and enjoy a more comfortable ride. For some, this means going barefoot, but it’s important to note that there are many reasons why this is not a good idea. The first of which is pedaling efficiency – if you’re not wearing shoes, then you’re not as efficient when pushing down on your pedals. Second, if there are any rocks or debris on the road then it will hurt your feet if they get caught under your pedals when you put pressure on them. Third (and most importantly), there is nothing worse than having something sharp like glass stuck in your foot because it can cause permanent damage.

So what should you do? Wear sandals! Today’s popular trend is the Cycling Sandal, which has some similarities to a Cycling shoe but is more ideal for hot weather. This article will look at some of the top brands and models available in Cycling sandals.

How do Cycling Sandals Compare to Cycling Shoes

Cycling sandals are a unique and practical option for cyclists who may be wary of the traditional closed-toe cycling shoe. They offer many of the benefits of cycling shoes while also providing some advantages that more traditional footwear can’t match.

The Benefits of Cycling Sandals

Drying – When a sandal gets wet, it drains water more effectively and dries much quicker. This is an advantage for those who want to wear their sandals for multiple sports or activities, including water sports such as swimming or rafting, or activities in the rain.

Ventilation – Sandals offer much better Ventilation in hot conditions that cool your feet and keep them from sweating.

Versatile – Sandals for Cycling are versatile as you can also wear them with socks when it gets colder or for more comfort and protection. And they are great footwear options to wear off the bike as well.

Some Cons – You need to keep in mind that a sandal will not offer the same amount of robust protection as a closed-toe style will; sandals can also give a more insecure fit because of their open design.

Cycling Sandal Versatility

Cycling is a fun activity that can be done in any season. However, finding the right gear for your bike can be a daunting task. The wrong gear might cause injury, discomfort, or even discourage you from ever getting on your bike again.

Cycling sandals are a good option for anyone who wants to try cycling in the summer because they are cool and ventilated. Sandals are also versatile; as I have mentioned, they are cool and ventilated for warm climates and can be worn with light or thick waterproof socks when climates get colder. Sandals also come with a Clip-in, an option that keeps your feet stable and provides optimal body positioning.

Then again, a sandal is useful for almost all terrains in cycling, wet or dry, and even sandy beaches.

Sandals come in different styles and shapes for cycling, and you can always opt for a closed-toe or Fisherman-style sandal for better protection.

Features of a Good Sandal for Cycling

There are a couple of things to consider when choosing a cycling sandal:

Upper: The Upper can consist of durable leather, textile, or fabric, usually polyester, for faster drying. Some models also have a padded and lined upper design.

Fit: Cycling sandals usually fit true to size, unless they are clip-in models that need to be fitted with cleat pedals. Check the manufacturer’s sizing guide for recommendations on how to choose your size.

Style: Sandals designed specifically for cycling come in a Clipped or UnClipped version. The clipped sandals are compatible with clipless pedal cycling shoes and feature a 2-hole cleat mount system on their sole. On the other hand, unclipped sandals are more suitable for recreational and beginner cyclists who prefer flat pedals and do not need such an aggressive form of traction.

Sole: Cycling sandals usually have a flexible sole and a comfortable and lightly cushioned footbed that offers good arch support and stability. Rubber in an outsole offers excellent grip and durability. The Cycling sandal generally has a more sporty design and can come in a closed-toe or open-toe design.

Reviews: The Best Cycling Sandals

Cycling Sandals

The Omnium Sports Sandals are an excellent choice for cycling. The uppers are made from water-resistant and quick-drying synthetic and mesh material. There is a Molded EVA foam midsole for shock absorbency and ShocPad technology in the footbed for protection against hot and cold surfaces. With the uppers being fully adjustable in fit, you are sure to have a safe, secure, and comfortable ride. The bungee lacing system ensures that your feet stay in place for extended periods of time. The Non-marking Spider Rubber outsole offers excellent grip and traction so that you can focus on endurance riding without having to worry about slipping or falling.

Teva Mens M Omnium 2 Sport Sandal

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Teva Mens M Omnium 2 Sport Cycling Sandals for Bike Touring

Teva Women’s Omnium Sandal

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Teva Women's Omnium Cycling Sandals for Bike Touring

Closed Toe Cycling Sandal

The Exustar SS503 offers a comfortable and supportive closed-toe design that adds stability to this cycling sandal. Open or close the adjustable strap to fine-tune the fit of the uppers, and enjoy a flexible and snug fit with supportive sturdy heel straps. The EVA sole offers a medium level of flexibility while the toe clip simply holds your foot in place. Make sure to tighten the velcro straps around your ankle for a secure and snug fit onto your foot. With an extra set of velcro straps on each side for added support, you can wear these sandals for miles as you ride.

Exustar E-SS503 Men’s Bike Sandal

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Exustar E-SS503 Bike Cycling Sandals for Bike Touring

Exustar E-SS503 Women’ Bike Sandal

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Exustar E-SS503 Women's Bike Sandal

Hiking Sandal for Cycling

Made for those who seek adventure, the Teva Terra Fi 5 is the guy to go with. The upper of this hiking and sports sandal consists of a quick-drying and breathable synthetic polyester. With an adjustable velcro strap for fit, a cushioned footbed, and molded PU midsole for cushioning. Also featuring an EVA footbed, Durabrasion Rubber outsole with Spider Grip, and a traditional lacing system; this sandal can support you whether you’re walking through the city or trekking along a muddy trail.

Teva Men’s Open Toe Sandals

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Teva Men's Open Toe Cycling Sandals for Bike Touring

Teva Women’s Terra Fi 5 Sport

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Teva Women's Terra Fi 5 Sport

Toe Guard Sandal for Cycling

The easy snap-lock design sandal for cycling, which is made of durable polyester fabric and synthetic material, is the best choice for cycling to protect your toe. There is an additional rubber toe cap for toe protection and durability. The Orthaheel technology footbed supports your foot’s natural alignment and provides comfortable cushioning. The rubber outsole is durable and ensures high traction. It also can be used as casual sandals when you go shopping or just walk in a park. And it can provide comfortable feet anytime, anywhere.

Gold Pigeon TOE GUARD Unisex Outdoor/Water Sandals

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Gold Pigeon TOE GUARD Unisex Outdoor Water Sandals

Gold Pigeon TOE GUARD Unisex Outdoor/Water Sandals

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Gold Pigeon TOE GUARD Unisex Outdoor Water Cycling Sandals for Bike Touring

Protective Clipless Cycling Sandal

The SS515C sandal from Exustar has the comfort of a sandal with the added benefits for cyclists through and through. This model is built for durability and climate compatibility, allowing you to hop on a bike without thinking twice. You can ride in these bad boys without having to constantly adjust your pedals, which is beyond annoying; but you can clip them in if you choose to do so.

E-SS515C Clipless Men’s Sandal

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E-SS515C Clipless Cycling Sandals for Bike Touring

E-SS515C Clipless Women’s Sandal

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E-SS515C Clipless Women's Cycling Sandals for Bike Touring

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