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Rocker Bottom Sandals

The Rocker Bottom sandal has a thicker than usual sole with a more rounded heel. Ideal for individuals with flat foot/lower arch, providing better stability and motion control. Rocker Bottom Footwear creates natural, tough, inventive, and eco-friendly footwear in the US, made to fit everyone and every lifestyle. Sloane USA carries popular brands like Spring Step, Naturino, and Rocker Bottoms!

The Rocker Bottom Sole and How it Works

A Rocker Bottom Sole is a rigid sole that has been constructed to rock back and forth to help you move more efficiently. The Rocker Bottom Sole is most commonly used in shoes for walking and running.

These shoes are not only the most popular choice of footwear, but they also offer the highest level of performance while you walk, run or do other activities. They are made up of a thick layer of rubber that absorbs shock, which reduces the pressure on your feet and joints.

Rocker bottom soles are suitable for people with flat feet, low arches, and foot conditions like fallen arches, plantar fasciitis, bunions, heel pain, or Achilles tendon issues.

A Rocker Sole or Rocker Bottom shoe is likewise advised for individuals who pronate excessively or have conditions such as Hallux Rigidus or a lost range of motion and pain in the joints.

Who May Need a Rocker Bottom Sandal

Rocker bottom or rocker-sole shoes are a type of footwear that has a thicker-than-normal sole with a rounded heel. Such shoes ensure the wearer does not have flat footing when walking. The design is supposed to cause the wearer to walk with a longer or more forceful stride.

Such shoes can be used by people who suffer from foot pain, especially on the ball of the foot. They can also be prescribed for those suffering from knee or hip pain or used to reduce the amount of pronation (outward roll) of the foot during walking and running.

Rocker-bottom shoes are most commonly prescribed as part of an orthotics treatment plan for arthritis sufferers. The rounded sole helps shift weight off painful joints, such as the big toe joint, and allows for a more natural gait cycle. They are also popular among individuals suffering from flat feet, plantar fasciitis, and other conditions that cause pain in the feet and legs.

Features of a Good Rocker Bottom Sandal

A rocker bottom or a curved sole is the most important feature of a rocker sandal. This is because it provides all the benefits and comfort that you need for long hours of walking or standing.

Another important feature of a good rocker sandal is its outsole. The outsole can be made from different materials such as rubber, leather, synthetic, or others. Some of them are made with several materials in order to increase their durability and traction. The outsole also provides a more stable platform and helps stabilize your foot.

Many people usually prefer sandals that have a wedge, platform, flat, or curved outsole. However, if you want something more comfortable, then look for shoes with a lug rubber outsole.

A wedge is ideal if you are looking for something that will provide you with added support and stability.

The best thing about wedge designs is that they provide an increased surface area which allows you to distribute your weight evenly across the entire foot and leg region. This makes it ideal for those who need extra support while walking or standing on uneven surfaces such as stairs, curbs or sidewalks.

Platforms are also ideal because they offer more cushioning than other types of outsoles and help prevent injuries when walking on uneven surfaces.

Reviews: The Best Rocker Bottom Sandals

Rocker Bottom Sandal

These MBT Sandals are perfect for that summer evening out, or walking across the campus. They fit well on the foot due to its unique design, yet will support your body through the ankle strap and make rocking more comfortable with its platform wedge rocker bottom sole technology. Available in a few color variations and options to match any outfit for that summer evening out perfectly or a casual day in town.

MBT Women’s Rani Traditional Rocker Bottom Sandal

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MBT Women's Rani Traditional Rocker Bottom Sandal

Yellow Box Rubie Gray 9 M Rocker Bottom Sandals

Rubie’s Women’s Black Silver Glitter Rhinestone Hi-Heel sandals with Rocker Bottom has one of the most striking and fancy look in this season. This pair of Rhine Stones decorated sandal are available online on Overstock for $34.99 only. It comes with soft straps, flat bottom , Round toe post, width is medium which fits all foot including wide, with cushioned foam material footbed and super soft insole. It also offers a rubber sole that gives great flexibility to your feet. Style and comfort are wrapped up in a beautiful shoe, like this delightful Rhine Stone embellished flip flop design sandal, for any occasion or event to ladies who want to look stylish without paying too much money.

Yellow Box Rubie Gray 9 M

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Yellow Box Rubie Gray 9 M Rocker Bottom Sandals

Women’s Hoka One One Ora Recovery Rocker Bottom Sandals

The Hoka One Ora is the evolution of the recovery sandals. Whether you’re recovering from an illness, injury or pregnancy, this is the most comfortable shoe to barefoot walk in. Comfortable slide-style soft foam uppers with air holes for ventilation. Wide fit to accommodate painful and swollen feet. Recovery design sandal for recovery during and injury. Rocker Bottom Style sole with a lug rubber outsole for better grip.

Women’s Hoka One One Ora Recovery Slide 2

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Women's Hoka One One Ora Recovery Slide 2

Alegria Kleo Women’s Rocker Bottom Sandals

If you want comfort, and a stylish-looking shoe without all the bling, then the Allegria Kleo Gladiator Sandal is for you. This sandal incorporates the patented Rocker Bottom sole into an elegant and simple sandal, that still makes a style statement when you wear it. This shoe has the following features: The uppers are made from 100% genuine soft and supple leather. There is a slight platform-style heel with a Rocker Bottom sole. The outsole has lug patterns to offer you only the best grip and traction on all surfaces. This shoe ensures your slip resistance to the maximum and better grip on slippery floor surfaces. The insole has a cushioned comfort insole that allows you to use your own orthotic devices. I would highly recommend this sandal as a work sandal to be worn by people who are on their feet all day on slippery and wet floors.

Alegria Kleo Womens Sandal

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Alegria Kleo Womens Sandal

MBT Women’s Kiburi 3 Strap Traditional Rocker Bottom Dress Sandal

The MBT Kiburi Women’s Customizable Sandals are sports-style sandals with more medical-related and corrective purposes for individuals who suffer from severe immobility or joint pain and discomfort. This sandal provides a unique and secure fit with many comforts and support features, including dynamic activation technology for the best support, an adjustable strap, and a sturdy Rocker Sole made of synthetic materials. Available in a few solid, two-tone, and print-colored options to choose from as you wish.

MBT Women’s Kiburi 3 Strap Traditional Rocker Bottom Dress Sandal

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MBT Women's Kiburi 3 Strap Traditional Rocker Bottom Dress Sandal

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