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Best Sandals for Sweaty Feet

Best Sandals for Sweaty Feet
Written by Alex Haze

When summer rolls around, there is no more annoying and uncomfortable condition than sweaty feet. Many individuals today are affected by sweaty feet, whether it is just heat, extra sweat, or a condition called Hyperhydrosis. Instead of suffering the embarrassing odor and discomforts of sweaty feet, a sandal is possibly your best available option in footwear for sweaty feet because of its open and highly ventilated design. Moreover, that style can be used in both casual and formal events.

Some Tips for Dealing with Sweaty Feet when Wearing Sandals

There are a few simple tricks to help you keep your feet dry and comfortable when wearing sandals. And if you want to keep your feet smelling fresh as well, here are some tips for you to follow!

Use antiperspirant powder on your feet. You can use the same type of antiperspirant powder that you would use on your armpits. This will help to absorb sweat and also kill those nasty odor-producing germs and bacteria.

Use rubbing alcohol in between the toes. Rubbing alcohol is a great temporary fix for dry up a sweat on your feet and in between the toes; however, it will not keep sweat at bay for very long.

Change shoes periodically throughout the day. Changing your shoes and sandals can help control sweat as your feet heat up in the same pair of shoes, which causes sweating.

Wash/soak your feet in black tea or witch hazel at night. You can wash your feet in between and soak them in black tea or witch hazel at night for refreshing and sweat control. Make sure to clean and dry your feet before and after getting sandals.

Features of a Good Sandal for Sweaty Feet

A good pair of sandals can feel like you’re walking on air. And if you have sweaty feet, you need a pair that’s breathable and comfortable. Sandals are the perfect footwear for summer, going to the beach or a pool party, or spending time outdoors. But when your feet sweat too much, it can be annoying and uncomfortable.

Luckily, there are plenty of options out there that work well for people with sweaty feet. Here are some features to consider when shopping for a new pair:

A natural fiber sole such as Cork or bamboo fibers. These materials are not only naturally anti-fungal, but they also contain moisture-wicking properties that prevent bacteria from growing and alleviate odor. Wearing shoes made with these materials will help keep your feet dry all day long!

Leather and suede are excellent options in a sole or lining. They’re breathable and comfortable even when wet – just remember to treat them before wearing them outside so they don’t get ruined if it rains!

Cushioning and a contoured footbed for comfort and prevent feet from slipping around. A good pair of sandals should offer support in all the right places – especially if you plan on wearing them all day long at work or school!

Reviews: The Best Sandals for Sweaty Feet

Sandals for Sweaty Feet

Birkenstock is an excellent choice in sandals for sweaty feet because of the absorbent cork footbed and suede leather upper design. The sandals create a comfortable fit that’s ideal for use in summer and spring or hot climates. Plus, these sandals are available in several neutral colors, making them super easy to pair with any outfit whether you’re headed to the beach or a casual dining experience.

Birkenstock Men’s Arizona Soft Footbed-Suede

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Birkenstock Men's Arizona Soft Footbed-Suede Sandals for Sweaty Feet

Birkenstock Arizona – Leather (Unisex)

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Birkenstock Arizona - Leather (Unisex) sandals for Sweaty Feet

Shower sandal Sweaty Feet Sandal

The Adidas Men’s Adilette Shower Slide Sandals are made with an easy slide-on and off design for those quick trips to and from the shower. These sandals are available in a wide variety of colors and are made of comfortable synthetic bandage material uppers that offer a regular semi-wide fit. Water repellent, these men’s shower sandals can be used to shower with or rinse your feet as needed, while also providing lasting cushioning when worn as everyday footwear.

adidas Men’s Adilette Shower Slide

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adidas Men's Adilette Shower Slide sandals for Sweaty Feet

adidas Women’s Adilette Aqua Slides

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adidas Women's Adilette Aqua Slides sandals for Sweaty Feet

Sandal for Sweaty Feet

The Teva Fi Lite is a lightweight and comfortable sports and hiking-style sandal designed for active people. With excellent moisture management capabilities, the Fi Lite is ideal for warm weather conditions, especially when you are sweating heavily, as they allow your feet to breathe. The upper consists of both Nylon and Polyester and a cushioned EVA midsole with Shoc Pad technology ensure superb shock absorption and support. A Nylon shank gives you lateral stability when walking on uneven surfaces.

Teva Men’s Terra Fi Lite Sandal

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Teva Men's Terra Fi Lite Sandal for Sweaty Feet

Teva Womens Terra Fi Lite Leather

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Teva Womens Terra Fi Lite Leather sandals for Sweaty Feet

Leather Slide Sandal for Sweaty Feet

Clarks has made the Malone and Leisa Cacti Q slide sandals for sweaty feet that will keep your feet cool, dry, and comfortable all day. These durable yet soft leather uppers are lightweight and breathable with moisture-wicking lining. Ortholite footbeds provide soft cushioning to reduce friction, while a rubber outsole is ultra-flexible for easy walking, with excellent traction on wet or dry surfaces.

Clarks Men’s Malone Easy Sandal

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Clarks Men's Malone Easy Sandal for Sweaty Feet

Clarks Women’s Leisa Cacti Slide Sandal

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Clarks Women's Leisa Cacti Slide Sandal for Sweaty Feet

Sweaty Feet Sandal

This sandal is a customer favorite thanks to its highly breathable and open design, as well as excellent moisture-management technologies. With a leather-and-synthetic textile-lined upper and flexible EVA midsole, this shoe will provide you with cushioning and shock absorption all day long. Our podiatrist-designed biomechanical orthotics are built right into the shoe’s footbed to provide optimal support at the arch and enhance natural alignment from the ground up. The raised dot pattern on the footbed helps keep your feet dry by providing traction, while the hidden heel cup provides stability.

Vionic Men’s Tide

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Vionic Men's Tide Sandal for Sweaty Feet

Vionic Women’s Tide

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Vionic Women's Tide Sandal for Sweaty Feet

Sandal for Sweaty Feet

The Birkenstock Florida is the primary design in Birkenstock Shoes with a cork footbed and suede leather uppers. A great addition to your wardrobe for any season, this shoe uses a double strap design with a buckle closure for the best fit along with soft suede leather for comfortable wear all day long. Soft corking construction helps to reduce foot fatigue and pressure as your body’s weight is distributed eventually throughout the arch over time allowing it to mold to the shape of your feet. A contoured footbed is perfect for helping support your feet and posture while wearing them all day at work or out shopping where you know that you’ll be on your feet. Available in a dark brown or tan leather option.

Birkenstock Florida Soft Footbed

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Birkenstock Florida Soft Footbed Sandal for Sweaty Feet

Birkenstock Florida Soft Footbed

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Birkenstock Florida Soft Footbed Women's Sandal for Sweaty Feet

Sandal for Sweaty Feet

The Keen Newport H2 sandal is the perfect combination of performance and comfort. This outdoor favorite has a breathable and cushioned lining, multi-direction lug outsole, durable leather upper with hydrophobic mesh lining, contoured arch support, and a hydrophobic foam padding to cushion your feet and provide excellent moisture absorption for sweaty, wet feet.

KEEN Men’s Newport H2 Sandal Water Shoe

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KEEN Men's Newport H2 Sandal for Sweaty Feet

KEEN Women’s Newport H2 Sandal

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KEEN Women's Newport H2 Sandals for Sweaty Feet

Open Toe Comfort Sandal for Sweaty Feet

The Teva Open Toe Design offers sweat-free comfort and is ideal for sports tourism. With an antimicrobial-treated footbed to reduce odors, the leather and textile upper are breathable, comfortable, and completely adjustable for a perfect fit. Its contoured cushion footbed adds comfort, while its high traction outsole ensures you stay on your feet. A great choice for summer travel or just day-to-day wear.

TEVA Men’s Strata Universal Durable Lightweight Quick-Drying Hiking Sandals

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TEVA Men's Strata Universal Durable Lightweight Quick-Drying Hiking Sandals for Sweaty Feet

Teva Women’s Verra Sandal

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Teva Women's Verra Sandal for Sweaty Feet

Cork Footbed Sandal for Sweaty Feet

The Gizeh sandal from Birkenstock is a great choice for those hot summer days when your feet tend to sweat. This comfortable and classic thong-style sandal is classic and cool, with durable leather straps designed to wear well and last long. The footbed is made of cork and latex and contoured for support and comfort. A thick rubber outsole provides great slip resistance — perfect for a day on the beach or at the pool.

Birkenstock Unisex Kid’s Gizeh Greased Leather Sandals

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Birkenstock Unisex Kid's Gizeh Greased Leather Sandal for Sweaty Feet

Birkenstock Gizeh

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Birkenstock Gizeh Sandals for Sweaty Feet

Leather Slide Sandals for Sweaty Feet

Merrell Slide sandals offer a relaxed and casual style in full-grain leather with an antimicrobial and moisture-wicking fabric lining to ensure that your feet stay cool and dry. The M Select™ MOVE foot frame with M Select™ GRIP delivers optimal joint alignment and allows for a more powerful toe-off. The sole is lined with an antimicrobial fabric to help keep sweaty feet from getting stinky!

Merrell Men’s, Sandspur Lee Slide

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KEEN Men's Newport H2 Sandals for Smelly Feet

Merrell Women’s District Muri Slide Sandal

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Merrell Women's District Muri Slide Sandals for Sweaty Feet

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