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Warmest Slippers for Cold Feet

Wintertime can be very hard on our feet. When it is cold outside, we keep them covered with warm and cozy socks. However, if you suffer from extremely cold feet, no matter what the weather may be outside or how much protection you wrap around them, your feet will just not stay warm. This article discusses methods used to keep your feet warmer including slippers and ways to acquire the warmest slippers for cold feet.

Why are My Feet so Cold?

Several health issues are connected to cold feet. These include:


If you have an underactive thyroid and don’t produce enough thyroid hormones, it can affect your nervous system. This can cause numbness and pain in your hands and feet, including cold feet. Your entire body may feel cold all the time, including your feet.

Raynaud’s disease

This condition causes your body to overreact to cold weather. When you go out in the cold, your hands and feet may become cold and numb. As a result, you may find that your feet are often freezing.


This is when your body doesn’t make enough red blood cells, which transport oxygen throughout your body. It can also lead to cold feet. If you have anemia, you may also feel tired or weak. Other symptoms of this condition include shortness of breath or a headache.

High cholesterol

High cholesterol can lead to circulatory problems that can cause cold hands and feet in some people. You may experience pain while walking or even while at rest if you have poor circulation in your legs due to high cholesterol. You may also experience tingling sensations in your fingers and toes, especially during sleep hours.


When you are stressed, your body pushes blood towards the core of your body to keep your organs warm and away from your hands and feet. Thus, your feet may become cold.

Warmest Slippers for Cold Feet

If you have cold feet, slippers are often a good option to keep your feet warm at home. Some types of slippers, such as sheep leather wool-lined slippers, can be the warmest and most comfortable slippers for cold feet.

Most plush-lined or insulated slippers will keep your cold feet warm and comfortable during leisure time at home.

Slippers can be a good option if you have cold feet because they are generally casual and comfortable footwear that we wear at home after a long day.

Slippers are usually also much warmer than regular shoes. Many brands of slippers designed for cold feet use plush linings such as wool and fleece to insulate the feet from the chill of the floor. Some styles of slippers also use thermal insoles to keep your feet warm.

The best slippers for cold feet that we have found are sheep leather wool-lined slippers. These sheepskin wool-lined slippers feature luxurious double sheepskin uppers with a soft wool interior and durable suede exterior. The sheepskin is naturally breathable, which helps keep your feet cool in warmer weather while retaining body heat in colder weather conditions.

Features of a Good Warm Slipper for Cold Feet

The more insulation a slipper offers, the warmer the feet will be. Slippers with leather, knit or insulating uppers provide some insulation to keep your feet warm. A smooth fleece, wool, or another warm lining inside the slippers is ideal for keeping your feet warm.

When purchasing a warm pair of slippers, look at the interior cushioning it offers. Most slippers have some form of foam or memory foam cushioning to make them more comfortable. A few slippers even offer arch support like a regular shoe would provide.

Slipper designs are available in both closed-toe and bootie style options. The closed-toe slippers keep your toes warm, while the bootie style will warm your legs and ankles as well.

Slippers are available in indoor and outdoor soles. You may also prefer suede or leather soles for indoor use only. Whether you prefer rubber soles or suede soles depends on your lifestyle and intended uses for the slipper you select.

Reviews: The Best Warm Slippers for Cold Feet

Are you looking for the best Warmest Slippers for Cold Feet available on the market? It’s never easy to find a good product, thanks to all of the options out there. There is so much choice that finding the right slippers can be difficult. We are going to compare each product and help you decide for yourself which ones are worth it.

Warmest Slippers for Cold Feet

UGG boot slippers consist of very durable genuine sheepskin leather with a wool lining. The wool regulates temperatures, insulates, and also wicks away moisture, so they are perfect. The outsole is a durable rubber that you can use indoors and outdoors. Furthermore, keep in mind they have a snug fit at first, but the leather adapts and molds to the shape of your feet with time.

UGG Men’s Classic Short Winter Boot

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UGG Men's Classic Short Winter Boot

UGG Women’s Classic Short II Boot

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UGG Women's Classic Short II Boot

Warmest Lined Slippers

The Juliet and Moccasin slippers from Old Friend are made of supple sheepskin leather. The durable rubber sole allows you to wear them both indoors and out, while the wool lining helps regulate temperatures and insulate your feet against the cold. These footwear essentials offer comfort and warmth, while also giving them a timeless appearance.

Old Friend Men’s Moccasin Slipper

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Old Friend Men's Moccasin Warmest Slippers for Cold Feet

Old Friend Women’s Juliet Moccasin

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Old Friend Women's Juliet Moccasin Warmest Slippers for Cold Feet

Knit Warm Slippers for Cold Feet

Knit Warm slippers are just the thing to keep your feet cozy on a cold winter night. With their ankle length and warm, comfortable fabric to keep your feet nice and snuggly. The moldable memory foam cushioned footbeds provide extra comfort and support, while the insole is contoured for extra support and cushioning with each step. If you prefer booties over flip-flops, this is the perfect choice for you!

COFACE Men’s Slipper

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COFACE Men's Slippers for Cold Feet

COFACE Women’s Wool Knit Indoor Booties Slippers

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COFACE Women’s Wool Knit Indoor Booties Slippers for Cold Feet

Warmest Slippers for Cold Feet

The Croc Classic Fur Lined Clog is a must for the winter weather. The clogs are designed with a soft and cozy faux fur lining, perfect for keeping your feet warm when you’re spending a lot of time indoors. A durable outsole provides shock absorption and energy rebound, which can help reduce stress on your legs and back. Your feet will feel comfortable and well-supported throughout the day with their contoured midsole and footbed.

Crocs Unisex-Adult Classic Tie Dye Lined Clog | Fuzzy Slippers

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Crocs Unisex-Adult Classic Tie Dye Lined Clog Slippers for Cold Feet

Crocs Unisex-Adult Classic Tie Dye Lined Clog

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Crocs Women's Classic Tie Dye Lined Clog Slippers for Cold Feet

Cold Feet Warmest Slippers

Showcasing an open-back design, these bootie slippers by Dearfoams provide a cozy look and feel for cold feet. These plush booties showcase a long-lasting, fuzzy upper and stylish silhouette. They are constructed with durable, water-repellent nylon uppers. These slippers feature DF Adapt technology to maintain superior foot comfort without sacrificing style. Their moisture-wicking and odor control properties help keep feet dry and fresh all day long. They offer a cheerful, classic style that is perfect for wearing around the house or lounging on weekends with soft lining, plush cushioning, and gel-infused memory foam for superb comfort underfoot.

Dearfoams Men’s Original Nylon Warm Up Bootie Slipper

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Dearfoams Men's Original Nylon Warm Up Bootie Slippers for Cold Feet

Dearfoams Women’s Original Nylon Warm Up Bootie Slipper

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Dearfoams Women's Original Nylon Warm Up Bootie Slippers for Cold Feet

Warm Moccasin Slippers for Cold Feet

Give your feet a comfortable home in the Ascot and Dakota slippers from UGG, with suede uppers and wool linings. Stitch detailing on the upper, as well as a crepe rubber outsole, provide structure. These moccasin-style slippers are flexible and durable with an indoor/outdoor rubber outsole for maximum versatility. Made for relaxed luxury, these slippers are lined in luxurious natural wool that wicks away moisture and offers temperature regulation.

UGG Men’s Ascot Slipper

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UGG Men's Ascot Slipper for Cold Feet

UGG Women’s Dakota Slipper

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UGG Women's Dakota Slipper for Cold Feet

Warm Slippers for Cold Feet

Keep your feet warm and cozy in the Slipper Boots from Dearfoams. These soft fabric slippers are made with 100% Australian Sheepskin and a temperature regulating wool lining to keep your toasty. While the bottom of the shoe has a non-slip suede sole, making it easy to wear around the house or out on errands. The Slipper Boots ankle boot features a moisture-wicking lining for added comfort, as well as a water and stain-resistant exterior for durability.

FIRESIDE by Dearfoams Men’s Byron Bay Shearling Warm-up Boot

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FIRESIDE by Dearfoams Men's Byron Bay Shearling Warm-up Boot for Cold Feet

FIRESIDE by Dearfoams womens Byron Bay Shearling Bootie

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FIRESIDE by Dearfoams womens Byron Bay Shearling Bootie for Cold Feet

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