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Best Shoes for Capsulitis

Capsulitis is a painful condition that usually affects the second toe joint, causing pain and swelling. If you’re looking for shoes to help treat your capsulitis, here are five models you should consider. All of these shoes have been designed to reduce the inflammation and pain that comes with capsulitis.

Capsulitis Causes and Symptoms

Capsulitis is a common foot problem that causes pain and stiffness around the second toe joint. The ligaments that surround the joint and hold it in place become inflamed, and this can lead to pain and discomfort. If left untreated, it can cause the dislocation of your toe.

Capsulitis is more likely to occur in your second toe than any of your other toes. But, you may also experience symptoms in your other toes.

It’s important to know the signs of capsulitis so you can get treatment as soon as possible. Treating capsulitis right away will help prevent complications, such as the dislocation of your toe.

Causes of Capsulitis

Capsulitis is a condition that causes pain and stiffness in the ball of your foot. It often affects the second toe joint.

The bones in your foot are held together by ligaments and surrounded by a tissue called the joint capsule. Capsulitis occurs when the capsule is inflamed.

Capsulitis is sometimes called “pre-arthritis” because if it goes untreated, it can lead to arthritis in the affected joint. However, most cases of capsulitis improve with simple treatments.


Symptoms of capsulitis include pain in the ball of the foot, which feels like a marble or bunched up sock in the shoe, swelling at the toe base, and pain when walking barefoot. Sometimes the pain subsides while wearing shoes but is reinstated once you take them off.

When left untreated, symptoms are likely to persist and affect your ability to walk. For example, if you have nerve damage as a result of capsulitis, you may experience numbness or tingling in the affected area. If your condition worsens over time, your toe could become deformed and claw-like.

Treatments of Capsulitis

There are many different treatments of capsulitis, and sometimes they can all be used together depending on the severity of the condition.

Although most cases of capsulitis improve with these conservative treatments, in some instances surgical intervention may be required.

Try and stay off your feet for a while, and take breaks in between activities.

If you have to walk around, then try using a heel pad. If you have to stand for long periods of time then try using a metatarsal pad.

Ice packs can be used to reduce swelling and relieve pain. Apply ice packs for 15-20 minutes every 2-3 hours for inflammation and pain relief. If you have any circulatory problems or other health conditions, check with your doctor first before applying ice packs.

Non-Steroidal anti-inflammatory medication may help to reduce pain and symptoms. These medications include Ibuprofen which has an anti-inflammatory effect as well as being an analgesic (pain killer). Again, if you have any health conditions such as high blood pressure or any allergies, please check with your doctor before taking any medication.

Stretching exercises help to warm up and strengthen the muscles, particularly before activities. This is best done under the supervision of a physiotherapist

Features of Good Shoes for Capsulitis

If you’re suffering from capsulitis, you don’t need to resign yourself to a life of pain. You can still be active and enjoy your favorite activities. Just make sure that you are wearing the right footwear.

Here are some features to look for in the best shoes for capsulitis:

Toe Room

A wide toe box is essential in order to prevent any pressure on the toes, especially the big toe. The shoe should be spacious enough to allow you to wiggle your toes.


You need a shoe that has good cushioning and is able to absorb shock and disperse pressure. A cushioned sole will also provide good underfoot comfort.

Rubber Sole

A sturdy rubber sole is also important in footwear for metatarsalgia. It provides a shock-absorbing base for your foot and a dependable platform for everyday activities. These shoes are made with durable rubber soles that are flexible enough to keep up with you all day long, but still thick and stiff enough for optimal arch support.


Look for a shoe that has lightweight uppers, which will reduce strain on the forefoot area. It should also have good ventilation to keep your feet cool and dry.


The best shoes for metatarsalgia have motion control technology that helps control the motion of your foot so as not to aggravate the pain in the front of your foot. They should also have some form of arch support, softness, and stability.

Reviews: Best Shoes for Capsulitis

If you suffer from capsulitis, finding the right shoe can make a world of difference. The best shoes for capsulitis feature a wide toe box and a supportive sole to prevent pain and inflammation.

To help you find the perfect shoe for your needs, we’ve compiled a list of our top picks for men and women with capsulitis.

Casual Capsulitis Sneakers

The Altra Casual Capsulitis Sneakers are transitional sneakers that are great for all occasions. The Cayed has genuine leather upper with a padded collar, while the shoes in the Vali collection feature an engineered, high-quality knit upper. There are many color options to choose from and the casual sneakers have a high traction rubber outsole for added durability. A comfortable footbed and toe box help keep your feet feeling good all day long.

ALTRA Men’s ALM1883B Cayd Sneaker

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ALTRA Men's ALM1883B Cayd Sneaker

ALTRA Women’s Vali Sneaker

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ALTRA Women's Vali Sneaker

Athletic Shoe for Capsulitis Symptoms

The Brooks Addiction athletic shoe for Capsulitis symptoms is the ideal footwear to support the motions of your feet. A breathable mesh and synthetic uppers will keep your feet dry and cool, while the plush cushioning that absorbs shock prevents pressure on painful toes. With a progressive diagonal rollbar, you can control motion and overpronation, even while going out for long walks or runs. Made with environmentally friendly and long-lasting materials, and a thick outsole that gives excellent traction on a variety of surfaces, this sneaker definitely lives up to its name.

Brooks Addiction 14

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Brooks Addiction 14

Brooks Women’s Addiction 14

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Brooks Women's Addiction 14

Fashionable Sneaker for Capsulitis

Please take your feet to the next level of comfort. The Adidas Cloudfoam Clean shoe is the perfect combination of style and comfort for active lifestyles. The lightweight mesh fabric with cloudfoam provides cooling comfort, while the genuine leather uppers are not only stylish but also offer resistance to rain and stains. Breathable perforation holes allow air to flow through the shoes, which helps your feet dry when sweating. With its sturdy rubber soles, this sneaker helps prevent you from slipping on any type of surface while being durable enough to withstand daily wear.

adidas Men’s Cloudfoam Advantage Clean Sneakers

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adidas Men's Cloudfoam Advantage Clean Sneakers

adidas Women’s Advantage Sneaker

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adidas Women's Advantage Sneaker

Casual Wearing Shoe for Capsulitis

The Altra Intuition is the perfect casual wearing shoe for comfort and support. The Platform is fully cushioned for supportive stability, the zero-drop design aids in muscle movement and eases pain, the full foot-shaped toe box is roomy and comfortable, and the textile and synthetic upper gives a soft, breathable fit. It also has a thick rubber outsole that provides shock absorbency, great traction, and abrasion resistance. This casual footwear is perfect for your daily wear or occasional walks; on top of that, it’s available in many styles and color options that you can choose to best suit your liking.

ALTRA Men’s AL0A4VQO Paradigm 5 Running Shoe

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ALTRA Men's AL0A4VQO Paradigm 5 Running Shoe

ALTRA Women’s AL0A4VQY Paradigm 5 Running Shoe

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ALTRA Women's AL0A4VQY Paradigm 5 Running Shoe

Dress Shoes for Capsulitis Relief

Looking for a special pair of dress shoes to give you time and comfort? Get the look you want and an extra dose of support with these special occasion dress shoes from DR. Comfort. Soft and supple leather uppers with a seamless lining provide unbelievable comfort without irritation, while the extra depth design provides room to use your won orthotics. Your toes will be protected from impacts by the durable, high impact rubber outsole, which absorbs shock to protect your feet and toes from unnecessary pain. These therapeutic shoes come in extended sizes and wide widths for more room in the toe box, and are even more comfortable with additional gel inserts included. Now, no matter what the occasion, you can keep it stylish and stay healthy at the same time!

Dr. Comfort Classic Men’s Therapeutic Diabetic Extra Depth Dress Shoe Leather Lace

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Dr. Comfort Classic Men's Therapeutic Diabetic Extra Depth Dress Shoe Leather Lace

Dr. Comfort Women’s Cindee Black Diabetic Heeled Dress Shoes

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Dr. Comfort Women's Cindee Black Diabetic Heeled Dress Shoes

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