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Best Clogs for Work

Best Clogs for Work
Written by Alex Haze

Long hours, unsanitary conditions, and hazardous environments are the norm for many occupations. Clogs for work are designed to provide the support and protection that workers need in these types of conditions.

Clogs for work can be worn by workers in a variety of industries, including healthcare and hospitality. They come with many safety features that make them an excellent choice for employees who are on their feet all day.

We have reviewed some of the top brands in this article to help you choose clogs for your workplace. In addition to safety features and comfort, we take into account potential hazards that may affect your feet while wearing clogs as well as the type of work environment you will be working in.

If you’re looking for a pair of clogs for work, read further to learn which clog brands offer the best protection and comfort at an affordable price point.

Benefits of Wearing Clogs for Work

Wearing clogs for work means you don’t have to worry about slips and falls. When you’re wearing classic clogs, your feet will be lifted off the floor and your shoes won’t have a chance to get slippery or cover the floor in any of the substances that could cause an accident, like spilled liquids or debris from other spills. Damp floors also pose less of a risk when you’re wearing clogs because they’re elevated.

On top of being safer, you’ll also be more hygienic. Clogs are made from materials that are easy to clean with soap and water, and their closed design helps to keep germs out of your shoes and off of your feet. This is particularly important if you work with food or high-risk patients.

Clogs are excellent at containing spills because their closed design keeps liquids from running out onto the floor. They can hold large amounts of liquid before they leak through, which makes them ideal for use around potentially hazardous chemicals. Clogs can also keep moisture inside if you need to step in water or if they get wet on their own; some styles even become watertight when they’re submerged in liquid!

Choosing a Good Pair of Clogs for Work

Choosing a good pair of clogs for work can be difficult. Depending on your work environment you should consider a variety of features and qualities in the clogs you choose.

Generally, the type of clogs you choose for work will depend largely on your work environment. If you spend most of your time indoors, then you may want to consider an indoor-outdoor clog that provides plenty of traction but can still be worn indoors without tracking in dirt or mud. If you spend more time outdoors, then a solid waterproof or water-resistant upper would be best.

If there is too much activity in your workplace, then comfort features such as arch support and cushioning are essential to prevent foot fatigue. These features will also help reduce stress on different muscles and joints in the feet, legs, and back. Look for a clog with a wide toe box to prevent toes from being pinched when making contact with the front of the shoe. A comfortable fit around the heel area will also prevent blisters from forming under the heel.

Comfort is especially important if you plan to wear your clogs for extended periods of time. Make sure not to buy too large so you can avoid tiptoeing around comfortably at all times!

Features of a Good Clog for Work

  • The most important part of a good clog for work is the style and material of the upper. Clogs have been worn by men and women of all professions and trades, from doctors to factory workers, since they were invented in Europe in the Middle Ages. Clogs are still common today and most often seen in factories where they are worn while people work.
  • The most important feature of a clog is that it should be closed-toed. This not only protects your toes from injury, but also makes your feet much warmer than an open-toed shoe would be.
  • A good clog for work will have a reinforced design to protect your feet from falling objects or heavy machinery. This is especially important if you are working in a factory or with heavy machinery, but it can also help prevent falls and injuries in other situations as well.
  • The outsole should provide good traction for slip resistance, especially if you will be working on wet or greasy floors or surfaces.
  • Soles made of EVA are lightweight and comfortable and tend to be cheaper than models with rubber or leather outsoles. They also dry quickly after getting wet or being exposed to grease.
  • Solids colors go with almost any uniform and will help you look professional at work.

Reviews: The Best Clogs for Work

Clogs for Work

Clogs for work are a great option for comfort, style, and durability! The Dansko XP 2.0 Clog is a clog that is perfect for work. It has genuine leather uppers and is available in a few neutral color options, as well as wider width fits. The Dansko Clog has a padded instep collar for extra comfort when you walk or stand. There is a very roomy toe box with plenty of wiggle room for your toes. There is a lightweight anti-fatigue, EVA midsole for all-day shock absorbency, and a comfortable cushioned insole. It has stapled construction of improved durability and a closed design for protection.

Work Clog

The Specialist Vent Clog is the work clog of all work clogs. Designed to be comfortable and protect, it features a solid toe, large ventilation holes at the sides, an open back with a secure back strap that keeps your feet cool and dry, and a reinforced toe for protection against spills. The light-weight Crosslite foam makes this Crocs clog comfortable and keeps your feet dry in even the hottest conditions. The outsole has gripping dots on it that keep you steady on slippery surfaces, while the footbed provides contoured support with crosslite cushioning.

Crocs Men’s and Women’s Specialist Vent Work Clog

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Crocs Men's and Women's Specialist Vent Work Clog

Crocs Men’s and Women’s Specialist Vent Work Clog

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Crocs Women's Specialist Vent Work Clog

Clog for Work

The SR Max clogs are ideal for the workplace or home. These durable and comfortable clogs from Sanita have an injection molded polyurethane upper, so you can wear them all day. The removable cushioned EVA footbed provides added comfort. The SR Max Trax anti-clogging, oil and slip-resistant, durable rubber outsole meets the ASTM F1292-11 Standard for anti-static properties which help prevent work surface contaminants from being attracted to the bottom of your shoes.

SR Max Manteo Men’s, Black EVA Clog Style Soft Toe Waterproof Slip Resistant Work Shoe

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SR Max Manteo Men's, Black EVA Clog Style Soft Toe Waterproof Slip Resistant Work Shoe

SR Max Manteo Women’s, Black EVA Clog Style Soft Toe Waterproof Slip Resistant Work Shoe

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SR Max Manteo Women's, Black EVA Clog Style Soft Toe Waterproof Slip Resistant Work Shoe

Wide Width Work Clog

The Crocs On The Clock is the ultimate work clog with a completely closed design for maximum protection and comfort. Designed for workers in many different environments, this clog features a Thermoplastic Elastomer sole that is lightweight and flexible. It also has a Crocs Lock slip-resistant tread for increased stability. A deep cushioned crosslite foam footbed supports your feet, while the uppers are reinforced, durable, and easy to clean.

Crocs Unisex-Adult Men’s and Women’s on The Clock Clog

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Crocs Unisex-Adult Men's and Women's on The Clock Clog

Crocs Unisex-Adult Men’s and Women’s on The Clock Clog | Slip Resistant Work Shoes

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Crocs Unisex-Adult Women's on The Clock Clog

Clog for Work

The Clogsmith and Clogs for work by Skechers are breathable, comfortable casual clogs that will make you want to wear them all year long. With its one-piece upper design, it has a rounded toe box that gives plenty of wiggle room for your toes. The soft collar panel will fit snugly around your ankle so you can walk comfortably. They also offer extra cushioning with their midsole for support and comfort. The lightweight outsoles are made from abrasion-resistant material to protect against wear and tear.

Skechers Work Evaa-Clogstith Men’s Slip On

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Skechers Work Evaa-Clogstith Men's Slip On clog for work

Skechers Work Women’s Clog

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Skechers Work Women's Clog

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