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Slippers for Wide Feet

Best Slippers for Wide Feet
Written by Alex Haze

Having wider than normal feet can be a problem when shopping for shoes. In fact, it is the number one reason that people have trouble finding shoes that fit. Shoes can seem like a very simple item to purchase, but if you struggle to find ones that fit correctly, you are not alone.

The easiest way to know whether your shoe size is wide enough is to measure your feet in the evening when they are at their largest. If your foot measures 12 inches or more, then you have wide feet and will need to look for shoes with a little extra room.

If you’re looking for slippers, the same principle holds true. Slippers are generally meant to be roomier than regular shoes and have a little extra space in them to accommodate the toes and width of your foot. However, not all slippers are made equally, so you may need to shop around until you find the best slippers for wide feet that meet your needs.

Slippers for Wide Feet

When you’re trying to find the right slippers for wide feet, you should look for brands that offer a more wide and roomy fit. Orthopedic slippers are particularly popular among people with wide feet because they tend to be wider and offer more support. Some are adjustable, too, so that you can customize the fit if needed.

If you’re concerned about how your feet will feel after all that holiday eating and drinking, you might also want to consider getting some slippers with arch support. Most orthopedic slippers have this feature and are available in both men’s and women’s styles.

You can also opt for slippers that are available in wide and extra-wide width options. If you’re looking for something really comfortable and cozy, there are even heated slippers you can buy, which may be a great way to stay warm on those chilly nights.

Why Wear Slippers at Home

Slippers are not just footwear, they’re a lifestyle. Slippers are like the comfy blanket you never want to take off. They’re like a warm bath in the morning. They’re like…oh yeah, that’s right! Slippers are for people who don’t have anywhere else to go.

Over time, I have come to realize that a good pair of slippers is not just for those who can’t leave their house—slippers can be worn by anyone! Whether it be to protect your feet from the elements or to heal an injury, there’s no reason why anyone should be without this wonderful footwear choice.

Slippers offer protection from cold floors and bites from insects that lurk outside in your backyard compost pile. Not only do slippers keep your feet warm, but they also keep them cool and healthy. Your feet get hot naturally as a result of walking around all day, so it’s important to wear something that will keep them relaxed and cool.

Slippers also give you peace of mind when going barefoot—they keep your toes safe from sharp objects lying around in the grass or on the floor (like rocks or Lego pieces). If someone accidentally steps on your foot with a slipper on, they’re more likely to feel sorry.

Features of a Good Slipper for Wide Feet

  • An ideal slipper for wide feet is going to be roomy enough to accommodate your toes, but not so big that it slides off easily or hurts your foot. If you’ve ever tried on a pair of boots and had trouble getting them past your heels, you know how important this is—and the same goes for slippers.
  • A crucial factor in comfort is the insole, which adds cushioning and support to whatever you’re wearing on your feet. The insole is an essential element of most shoes, including slippers.
  • Outer material can be suede, leather, knit, fleece, or fabric (the latter three being more common in casual options). It’s worth noting that “slip-on” design doesn’t always mean “slip-off,” since it’s often made with a tight fit around your foot that doesn’t let you kick off the slipper without some effort. This can make it easier to keep on during wear and tear outdoors (if the outer material is designed for outdoor use) but harder to remove at night when you want nothing between your foot and the sheets.
  • Arch support, another common feature of footwear, helps take the weight off your arches, thus reducing foot pain caused by pressure.

Reviews: The Best Slippers for Wide Feet

Slippers for Wide Feet

There are two slipper models from Isotoner that are ideal for wider feet. They both have open backs and closed toes, for comfortable wear on warmer days. Both slippers consist of 100% polyester uppers with soft micro terry and a stain trim. The upper has a supportive, cushioning memory foam footbed and Multi-layered PillowStep cushioned insole to hug and support your feet all day long.

isotoner Men’s Open Back Slipper with Memory Foam and Indoor/Outdoor Sole

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isotoner Men's Open Back Slipper with Memory Foam travel slippers

isotoner Women’s Terry and Satin Slip on Cushioned Slipper with Memory Foam for Indoor/Outdoor Comfort

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isotoner Women's Terry and Satin Slip on Cushioned Slipper with Memory Foam for Indoor and Outdoor Comfort

Slippers for Wide Feet

Bring some warmth and comfort to your feet in the Acorn Moc slippers for wide feet. These suede-lined indoor/outdoor slippers provide great protection from the elements, and have memory foam cushioned insoles that are great for all-day wear. The roomy fit and closed design will keep you warm and comfortable throughout the year, making them ideal for winter and summer wear.

Acorn Men’s Moc Slippers

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Acorn Men's Moc best travel Slippers

Acorn Women’s Moc Slipper

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Acorn Women's Moc Slipper

Slippers for Wide Feet

If you suffer from foot pain and swelling, you know how much of a challenge it can be to find footwear that is both stylish and comfortable. The Orthofeet slippers are the perfect solution. The Orthofeet slippers are made with an open back for a more comfortable fit and adjustable Velcro strap on the uppers for your perfect fit. They are leather slippers with an inner lining and supportive orthotic inserts make them ideal for use around the house or when traveling. They come in wider widths so there is no need to size up or down. The Orthofeet slippers offer layers of cushioning that are removable to accommodate your own orthotics. With deep heel cups and stability soles, these natural latex rubber sole is durable indoor/outdoor use rubber outsole with excellent shock absorption as well as comfort.

Orthofeet Innovative Orthopedic Slippers for Men – Ideal for Plantar Fasciitis, Foot & Heel Pain Relief. Arch Support Slippers, Cushioning Ergonomic Sole & Extended Widths – Asheville

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Orthofeet Innovative Orthopedic Slippers for Men

Orthofeet Innovative Orthopedic Slippers for Women – Ideal for Plantar Fasciitis, Foot & Heel Pain Relief. Arch Support Slippers, Cushioning Ergonomic Sole & Extended Widths – Charlotte

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Orthofeet Innovative Orthopedic Slippers for Women

Adjustable Slippers for Wide Feet

If you are looking for a pair of slippers that is well-cushioned, then you have come to the right place. LongBay shoes are ideal for orthopedic, diabetic and wide feet. The product features include soft velvet corduroy uppers with a cozy coral fleece lining, high-density 80-D memory foam and EVA cushioning system and ergonomic design for full support and cushioning. There are three color options available from which you can choose as needed. All these make it one of a kind product in this category.

LongBay Men’s Memory Foam Diabetic Slippers Comfy Warm Plush Fleece Arthritis Edema Swollen House Shoes

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LongBay Men's Memory Foam Diabetic Slippers Comfy Warm Plush Fleece Arthritis Edema Swollen House Shoes

LongBay Women’s Furry Memory Foam Diabetic Slippers Comfy Cozy Arthritis Edema Swollen House Shoes

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LongBay Women's Furry Memory Foam Diabetic Slippers Comfy Cozy Arthritis Edema Swollen House Shoes

Moc Toe Slipper for Wide Feet

The UGG Olsen and Dakota moccasin slipper for wide feet is handcrafted from the finest genuine soft suede leather with dyed sheep fur lining. It has a comfortable footbed and lining for long-lasting wear. These UGG slippers are available in a few neutral color options, including chestnut (chestnut), black (black), taupe (tan) and chocolate (brown). The genuine leather used by UGG is sourced only from Australia and meets all quality assurance standards of Australia.

UGG Men’s Olsen Slipper

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UGG Men's Olsen Slipper

UGG Women’s Dakota Slipper

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UGG Women's Dakota Slipper

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