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Best Sandals for Bunions

Best Sandal for Bunions
Written by Alex Haze

Bunions may be uniquely painful for women, but they certainly don’t make choosing sandals an easy task. In fact, most sandal brands seem to have completely forgotten about bunions. So while celebrity style magazines are always featuring the latest pair of stylish sandals that might crush your toes, we’re here to bring you the best sandals for bunions on the market today.

Bunions and Their Causes

Bunions are more obvious and occur when a bony bump develops at the base of the big toe. This happens when the big toe is forced to bend abnormally because your second toe is pressing against it. The big toe then becomes larger and points inwards toward the other toes. Bunions may also develop on the little toe, as well as other toes. A bunion is often accompanied by a thickening of the soft tissues around the joint (the joint capsule) and a skin overgrowth called a “bunionette.”

There are a few causes of Bunions, but the most likely culprit is your footwear, squeezing against your big toe and causing too much pressure. You may be genetically predisposed to developing Bunions, which means if other members of your family have Bunions, you may be likely to have them too. Rheumatoid arthritis causes pain and inflammation in the joints, which may lead to Bunions; similarly, Gout and Psoriasis can also lead to deformities in this area of the toe and foot.

Treating and Preventing Bunions

Although Bunions are genetic and beyond our control, the way we treat them can be. Bunions will never go away completely and getting treatment for them is very important.

Appropriate shoes are your best friend and you should always aim to wear the right shoes for the right occasion. Avoid pointed-toe shoes and shoes that are narrow fitting or high heels as these can all make your Bunion worse.

Always try to maintain a healthy weight as an unhealthy weight can cause your feet to change shape, even if you don’t have a Bunion yet.

Moleskin can protect Bunions from rubbing and irritation, as well as gel-filled pads which can help reposition your foot inside your shoe.

Ice packs and heat treatment can help alleviate pain and anti-inflammatory medication will ease pain and inflammation.

Features of a Good Sandal For Bunions

Sole Comfortability: You want to look for a sandal that is comfortable with arch support. This support will help to maintain the natural shape of your feet and reduce the pain you feel from bunions.

Style: A sandal that is designed in a way that allows your toes to move freely and be protected from excessive pressure.

Foot Bed: The footbed should provide comfort and cushion in order to prevent any unnecessary pressure or strain on your bunions.

Upper straps: Straps are important because they hold the footbed in place and reduce friction that can cause irritation and pain in sensitive areas such as the bunion.

Fit : Opt for a wider toe box area and a more adaptable fit to avoid any unnecessary pressure or friction on your feet.

Outsole: A durable outsole will provide a better grip on all surfaces such as sand, grass, etc. It will also help to absorb some shock which will make walking less painful.

Reviews: The Best Sandals for Bunions

Since bunion is one of the most common foot problems that can affect people from any age, it can be uncomfortable to wear shoes. Therefore, the best sandals for bunions are those that make this condition more bearable and comfortable.

Teva Women’s Terra-Float Lexi Slide Sandal for Bunions

The Terra-Float Lexi Slide Sandal from Teva is a Closed-toe designed sandal that accommodates foot deformities and conditions such as Bunions with mesh insets to remain breathable. The toe area of the sandal is closed, it’s very roomy and offers great support for foot deformities. The uppers are made of Nubuck leather with mesh inserts in the footbed to really offer optimum levels of comfort and breathability.

Chaco Women’s Zcloud X2 Sandal for Bunions

The Chaco Zcloud X2 Sandals are perfect for individuals searching for a sandal that is more supportive and comfortable than their flip-flops. It has a sporty look with its webbing heel risers and double straps, as well as a comfortable footbed that has an antimicrobial treatment, odor control lining, and cushioned comfort strap.

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Chaco Women's Sandal for bunions

MBT Women’s Nakuru Recovery Sandal with Arch Support for Bunions

MBT’s Nakuru Recovery sandal is the ideal choice for active ladies with the goal of protecting the feet while demanding something stylish and beautiful. This genuine leather slide-on sandal has all the detail of a classic slide with two broad straps, buckle designs, and a comfortable fit.

The lug rubber sole, however, offers superior grip on all surfaces, as well as a deep heel cup for stability and heel support. The hugging arch support defends an active lady’s natural foot alignment, while the cushioned footbed delivers more comfort. For fashion-conscious MBT fans who are finding it hard to resist the charm of this appealing footwear, you can keep your style quotient high and still choose wearability during recovery from injuries.

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MBT Women's Sandal for bunions

Clarks Women’s Arla Jacory Wedge Sandal for Bunions

The Clarks Arla Jacory Women’s Wedge Sandal is a cute and stylish wedge sandal with a great design and comfortable fit. It’s available in Wider Widths to accommodate Bunions and made with an open-cell polyurethane footbed for superior arch support, and cushion soft padding for extra comfort. This women’s wedge also has lightweight and breathable synthetic uppers that are flexible and comfortable.

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Clarks Women's Sandal for bunions

Hush Puppies Women’s Lyricale Qtr Strap Pump for Bunions

The Hush Puppies Women’s Lyrical Qtr Strap Pump is ideal for every occasion, from business meetings to family wedding festivities. This superior shoe features a more fashion-forward, sophisticated design that incorporates a stylish one-strap design for an easy on and off. Soft and supple leather uppers from Full Grain Nubuck Leather as well as a textile elasticated strap for an easy on and of and more comfortable fit.

Additional features include Strategically placed Flexible Grooves for flexibility. It helps with more even weight distribution. A BioBevel beveled design toe and heel for natural balance and stability. Comfortable Wider width design and soft cushioned padding. Available in a few color options to choose from as you wish.

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Hush Puppies Women's Sandal for bunions

Orthofeet Sandal for Bunions

The Orthofeet Naples Beach sandal, a Fisherman’s style sandal provides relief from back, knee, and heel pain. The Ortho-Cushioning system combines a lightweight microfiber body with an air-cushioned sole to provide shock absorbency and support for alleviating pressure on painful Bunions. A seamless interior design and extra depth in wider widths accommodate foot deformities such as hammertoes and corns. Extra traction is provided by a durable rubber sole.

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Orthefeet Women's Sandal for bunions

KEEN Women’s Whisper Sport Sandal for Bunions

The Keen Whisper Sport Slipper is a sturdy and supportive sandal. It’s available in four different colors, from which you can choose. The upper is closed but with added support from the bungee lace-up system, while the soft polyester webbing gives a sense of freedom. The adjustable bungee lacing draws over an internal padded footbed creating ideal comfort, while the arch stabilizing shank keeps it securely in place. All work together to create an excellent walking shoe for people with bunions.

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KEEN Women's Whisper Sport Sandal Women's Sandal for bunions

Clarks Women’s Clarks Morse Tour Sandal for Bunions

The Clarks Morse is a versatile sandal that you can wear anywhere. It features a stylish leather upper, an adjustable buckle, and an Anatomical Lasting Support™ footbed for maximum comfort. The slip-resistant sole gives you the traction you need when walking on wet or slippery surfaces. The Morse is a perfect choice for the stylish woman in search of a comfortable style.

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Clarks Morse Tour Women's Sandal for bunions

Dr. Comfort Women’s Breeze Diabetic Fisherman Style Sandal for Bunions

The Women’s Breeze diabetic fisherman style sandal has a closed and protective design to prevent rubbing and chafing. The soft leather upper is breathable, making this style comfortable and casual. The inside of the sandal provides a roomy and open Air design toe box, which makes it easy to enjoy your day outdoors. The DR. Comfort Breeze has a cushioned footbed that offers excellent support and stability, assuring you that you can stay on your feet all day.

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DR. Comfort Women's Sandal for bunions

Orthofeet Proven Bunions Plantar Fasciitis Relief Sandal

The Orthofeet Laguna Bunion Relief Sandal is a fashionable and comfortable sandal dedicated to a common foot condition. Not only do the Orthofeet sandals provide relief to Bunions, but they also alleviate Plantar Fasciitis and offer arch support for those with Flat Feet. A high-quality polyester fabric upper cushioned EVA footbed, and durable rubber outsole provides cushioning and support for every step. The breathable mesh lining allows your feet to breathe comfortably, as well as prevent blisters from forming.

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Orthofeet Women's Sandal for bunions

Propet Women’s Jocelyn Sandal for Bunions

Jocelyn women’s sandals are the perfect fit for anyone with a bunion. The adjustable uppers are made from genuine leather and mesh and have a great snug fit. The lightweight polyurethane sole provides outstanding durability while extending comfort into every step you take. You won’t even notice you have bunions when you are wearing these shoes. Available in an array of neutral colors, these sandals will be your go-to summer shoe this year.

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Propet Jocelyn Women's Sandal for bunions

CLARKS Women’s Leisa Vine Sandal for Bunions

The Leisa Vine sandal from Clarks provides extra width in the toe box to accommodate bunion areas. This women’s sandal has a terrific design with rich leather uppers, full-grain leather adjustable straps, and soft cushion technology cushioned and supportive footbed. This sandal is also available in a wide and extra wide width, as well as more colors from which to choose.

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CLARKS Women's Leisa Vine Sandal for bunions

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